fiorito bianco


In a traditional bouquet the flowers are tied in order to form a semi sphere

Similarly in Bouquet all the chandelier’s harms are gathered in order to from a semi sphere.

Bouquet ready to be offered as a present!

Top view

Incanto evolution

Dear partner, with this project that has yet to come we would like to tell you about how we approach the project requests that we receive.

A project rewards our professionally, our creativity and our rapidity.


dinning 1

Colour as an element of decor

For this amazing project the choice of the colour was the pivotal element! For this project we had to look for a lighting object with tones that would warm up the living space: a living space characterised by modern design’s objects where white was the prevalent colour.

Incanto white room

Light was the key player

The request of our architect, our intermediary, was very clear…like all of his requests furthermore…

He wanted to add a touch of uniqueness and innovative technology to his customer’s project. Project in which the light was nearly the only decorative element.

pianofrte 3

UK Headquarters

A new music played by four expert hands!

And our concerts from today will be performed also in England!

Bezzo Petrolio


“Venice, the eldest daughter of freedom.”

William Wordsworth, On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic, 1802