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Much about our company and our policies – Light like no other

pianofrte 3

UK Headquarters

A new music played by four expert hands!

And our concerts from today will be performed also in England!


Do you want to know more about why we are here?

Did you read our previous communications?

We’re telling you our story, but we have still a lot to tell you, but we don’t want to juggle too many things at once. You know, we would like the exchange to be like the one of two friends meeting at the bar, who slowly reveal their own life secrets.



Our generation is the third one of the same family in Murano, a land of amazing “blown tales”, we have learned a lot, working hard and with dedication for our creations.



We are ambitious and we are continuously evolving, we want our ideas and your dreams to arise as soon as possible.LIGHT LIKE NO OTHER


About us

We made it!!!!!

After an aware and “illuminated” study, now here we are.

We are sure that in a landscape full of offers, we were missing.