Trasparenze sedia N


and contemporary

Thanks to minimalism and the neatness of its forms,

it is possible to fully enjoy every single details.

Antique candelabra


We have broken with the past although we have not forgotten  about it.

jole 3

LATERALE riflessiA tulips’ bouquet?
No, reflections…

Its forms remind us of beautiful tulips of a unique colour.

What are they reminding you of?


Which material is it made of?

It is not metal!

It is handblown Murano glass, blown from an expert master glassmaker.

This is the material Riflessi is made of…however not only that…

it has a unique mirror finishing!

jole 4

Its innovation

Its history

It is contemporary and it is traditional…its classic characteristics and elegance
blend with the contemporary taste.


sfondo riflessi 2

Have you got low ceilings?

Do not give up with beauty

Riflessi can be adapted, it fits also in rooms with low ceilings, and it adds elegance to your living space.

Go to our website and you will get excited for that!



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