Light was the key player

Incanto white room

The request of our architect, our intermediary, was very clear…like all of his requests furthermore…

He wanted to add a touch of uniqueness and innovative technology to his customer’s project. Project in which the light was nearly the only decorative element.

Putting it this way it may appear like the architect was not interested in a design object for the lighting, just in the light…however we know him very well and we interpreted his request in the right way…once again.

First suggestion: L.E.D.

We though immediately about a design object with an L.E.D. source of light. As you might know its light is  punctual, detailed, small and defined…this are the adjectives that we use in order to better describe its source of light. And this was a winning proposal.

The right colour’s temperature

Not only that.

As you might know light can have different colour’s temperatures, measured in unites known as Kelvin (K). The lamps that emit a reduced level of Kelvins radiate a warm and comfortable light, as opposed to traditional lamps with a high Kelvin rating that emit a colder light. The light that we have chosen for our project is 4,000K with the aim of not altering excessively the ambient’s light and nuances, with prevalent warm tones. Besides the cold light has added a touch of technology and innovation to the living space and to the project.

Crystal gems

Incanto swarovski

And to enable the source of light to be the key player, Svarowsky crystal gems have been inserted in the design lighting object. L.E.D. lighting meets the crystal gems’ faceting creating an enchanting play of light (that is where the name Incanto comes from)…a fascinating sparkle.

Neutral transparent glass (nearly crystal)

Also the choice of colour of the glass, neutral, transparent, nearly crystal, has played an important role, allowing the continuation of the lighting experience. And his colour non-colour has offered importance to the light itself. No barriers to the light.

Smooth forms

We do not add any description of the object that speak for itself. Here the goal has been reached with the light…however we know that the object is allowing the light to be the lead.

Extreme simplicity

Every request is analysed, studied and shared in every single detail….this allow us to realise projects that are unique and that satisfy our customers’ needs.


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