Incanto evolution

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Dear partner, with this project that has yet to come we would like to tell you about how we approach the project requests that we receive.

A project rewards our professionally, our creativity and our rapidity.


Custom Incanto ok

What you see is not real…but it could be. We would like to share the experience of a location with numerous large living spaces,a work that is in progress.

The approach is of a blank sheet, sometimes we let our objects evolve.

Why we would like to share this experience?

Because with this project we started from Incanto, that was created with some characteristics that then have evolved.

It is important for us to highlight this because our main focus is not on the lighting object, but on the project.

The empathy that we always aim to have towards our customers’ need, their living spaces, their taste and their style are for us a starting point and the arrival point.

The object of design is a fantastic vehicle.

Incanto’s evolution

We are not tied to a rigid style or to any rule.

To surpass them help us to grow and every project adds something: to us and to our creations.

Some hypothesis of alteration

Given the large sizes of our spaces we are speculating on having glass lampshades instead of fabric to allow the lighting object to have a longer duration.

We are thinking about two different scenarios in relation to the colour of the glass: transparent satin and white milk satin.

Some samples that we are creating have the glass mirrored inside so that the light can stand out.

Extreme simplicity

Our experience, our talent and our enthusiasm are at your complete disposal and we keep learning from every request.

Thanks for the opportunity!



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