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For this amazing project the choice of the colour was the pivotal element! For this project we had to look for a lighting object with tones that would warm up the living space: a living space characterised by modern design’s objects where white was the prevalent colour.

Our client wanted to satisfy his customer’s desire of a contemporary contrast.

An extremely contemporary living space with a traditional touch and with trendy colours was  our winning suggestion!


Incanto Chandelier store Bronzo

Incanto again and his versatile colours, the accessories and his characteristic design have enabled our proposal to be a successful one, meeting all the needs of our client and his customer.

Colour : brass

First we obtained various plans and angles of the ambience and from that point we started working on the colours. The table was definitely the warm element in a modern ambiance where white was the prevalent colour.  We love that type of living spaces, however they often need elements to break the scheme, to warm it up.
We love colours and we love to look for new colour solutions. We like brass: it warms up, decorates, brings elegance and is very trendy.
We have created some samples and worked hard to find the right nuance, but finally when we met the right shade of brass we fell in love with it, especially because it is in perfect balance with the glass: it makes the light stand out.
Our customer was literally enchanted by it! It was in perfect balance with the living space.
Thanks to this exciting project we have added in our catalogue this colour that has received such a large approval.


In this project the Svarowski crystals and their sparkle are not the leads, actually they are “mirrors” for the colour: the result is further emphasis reflected from the crystals to the colour. Another news has been the research for the lampshades. First of all for us was a new choice within the range of our Traditional products. However Incanto is an hybrid as it has a modern look!
We have considered the elegance of the lampshades a pivotal element, we wanted them to be mirrored inside to enhance the textures that in this project is beautiful.
And the result is very interesting.


It is a peculiar object of design: it recalls the traditional taste, but it is linear and polished in its forms at the same time. A classic elegance in a contemporary space: result!

Extreme simplicity

Nothing is left to chance: something that for a project is an element of emphasis for another project might be an element of support.
We live for our love and our passion for light and when we meet our customers’ desires we feel proud and glad.


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