Bocolo 4

Bòcolo: rose bud.

Every 25th of April it is tradition
for every venetian man to give a bòcolo
to his loved ones: partners, mothers and daughters.

Bocolo 7


A glass Bòcolo

Overflowing with colours

We have gone wild with the colours!

With pastel colours…we would like to paint your house.

It is all glass

Enamelled glass

Bòcolo balances your space filling it with grace and harmony.

And the colours are the colours of the glass!

Bocolo galleria 2

The special manufacturing technique


It donates Bòcolo a greater shininess, so it becomes more reflective.

Bòcolo undergoes the ancient “Incamiciato” technique.

Two layers of glass are overlapped, specifically crystalline glass is put as a first layer.

The result are shiny and amazing colours.

Bocolo 6


It is a breathtaking chandelier

but only one step away from a ceiling light!

Bòcolo can also be installed in spaces with low ceilings.

It will collect all your emotions.


Bocolo galleria 5

Roundedness and brightness

are an integral part of the design

The LED light together with the round shapes and the colours are part of Bòcolo’s design.

The tradition in Venice wants Bòcolo to be given as a present to the loved ones.


Living room


Pastel colours

to paint


The absence of redundancy allows the forms and the colours of the lighting object to stand out.

Your home becomes even more comfortable, reassuring and joyous.


Bocolo galleria 10


Be brave,

paint your house!

Go to our website and you will get excited for that!


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