fiorito bianco

In a traditional bouquet the flowers are tied in order to form a semi sphere

Similarly in Bouquet all the chandelier’s harms are gathered in order to from a semi sphere.

Bouquet ready to be offered as a present!


Ceiling light or chandelier?

It is a gorgeous bouquet

Do you have a modern design flat or a traditional house?

Does your room need some light or vibrancy?

Do you simply love beautiful things?

Bouquet is the answer…

Bouquet 6 Azzurro

Light, light

and some more light

A bundle of nineteen bulbs…imagine a fresh Bouquet and its smell…
they will stunningly decorate your living space.

Bouquet 3

It lights up

every corner

It’s corollas brighten up every corner of your living space…like the sun in a summer day!

Bouquet 4

Bouquet’s colours are silk


Murano is not renowed for silk, but for handblown glass,

however it‘s material is so refined that its consistency feels like precious silk

We suggest some exquisite colours:

Opal white and opal ivory or transparent bronze.

However you an choose the colour that best suits your living space and style!

Bouquet 7

Opal glass

Like a precious stone

Opal glass is a transparent glass.

It is the product of a mix of specific minerals, it becomes like a precious gem…

Go to our website and you will get excited for that!


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