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"When you can't dance, let your soul dance"

Madeleine Delbrêl


The magic of the ballet

Look…it seems like it is about to do a pirouette…

It will be like a little dance of light just for you, coming from your room, all the times you wish..

It gives off an ethereal lightness, in contrast with a firm presence.

It’s a woman, no doubts!



Rose scented

Ivory: this is the colour we suggest for Ballerina.

There are some kind of roses with a strong fragrance and ivory coloured…it seems to smell the fragrance admiring it…

Ballerina is like an ivory rose: velvety and full-bodied, but with a delicate and discrete soul.

Anyway you can choose the most suitable colour for your environment, style and aesthetic taste.


Valuable details

Nothing can be left to chance

Its metal components do not oxidize because they undergo a 24 carat gold bath and a specific galvanic treatment.

Nothing is left to chance.

Valuable details

We made simple, what yesterday was complicated

almost a cakewalk!

The EASY FIX technology will allow you to install your precious piece of furniture simply with your hands.

You will need to get a box cutter to unpack your light present.

You will find it pre-installed…you know the rest…

No use of specialized tools: perfect connections, synergistic intersections!

We made simple, what yesterday was complicated

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