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"Miracles are dreams becoming light"

Alan Drew

Mosaic of small pieces of glass

as inlaid

It seems like a brain teaser game, consisting in creating a word by wedging one word into another.

This is one of the suitable meanings for inlay work, in presenting this harmonious composition.

Many little and precious glass pieces compose…

Mosaic of small pieces of glass

Harmony of shapes

as only a rare pearl

The balance of its forms is practically perfect.

It’s not weighed down by any excess: nothing wants to prevail over the other.

Everything happens in a perfect balance, almost poetic.

It’s unique and you will love it very much.

Harmony of shapes


and sparkling light

Do you know the astonishment in the eyes of the children in the presence of a small or big magic?

So it will be to see Black Pearl on: the sparkle of its precious drops and black of its body will shine, causing travel emotions.

You will not want to turn it off ever!


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