Giustina Solid Petrolio fondo  Ruggine

“Venice is like eating an entire 
box of chocolate liqueurs in one go”

Truman Capote, su Observer, 1961

I introduce myself

my name is Giustina…

pleased to meet you and to take my story into your home.

Table Lamp Giustina petrolio

…and a gentle puff

brought me into this world

The lips of an expert master glassmaker went close to the “canna da soffio” (blowing cane)

and they created me.

My history as the one of my father is ancient…but I am a product of my era…and I am young!!!

I will honour my tradition, decorating the space that you will choose for me,  with elegance and harmony.

Foto 9 soffiato a bocca

The atmosphere will be created

not only by its light

but also by its characters and by its posture…

Giustina Amientata 2   Giustina ambientata 1

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