Osella 10

“Ah!…I adore Venice.”

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

table lamp art 10.361


is my name!

I desire that you love me for my many qualities!

True, I can appear vain…but do not underestimate me!

What are my qualities?

Harmony, elegance, balance, smoothness: these are some of the elements that characterise me…

Do you know I would not exist if I was not 100% recyclable glass?

And that my light has reduced energy consumption: with a saving of at least 80%?

And the colours, my appearance…as I said I am vain, but my qualities are not only imagined.

Foto10 Venezia

My homeland?

A great delight

table lamp Osella Location



balance, smoothness:  these are some of the elements that characterise me…

What would you like to add?

foto osella 3Classic taste
modern colours

We suggest for the table lamp Osella some of the most contemporary colours:

Bronze, Light Ivory and Medium Amethyst,

however you can choose amongst many other colours that suit you taste and your style.

We recommend the lampshades in an elegant shade of Grey,

however again your choice is wider.

Go to our website and you will get excited for that!


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