Tallero Bronze Location

“The black gondola, slender, and the way it moves, smooth, 
without any noise, has something strange, 
a dreamy beauty, and is an integral part of the city 
of idleness, love and music.”

Hermann Hesse

On which piece of furniture

will you place me?

Let’s talk about me.

My name is Tallero a table lamp.

I come from Murano and I am hand blown.

I come from the tradition…however I am so contemporary.

Sure, I illuminate, however I also decorate!
Tallero Location bronze B


Murano – Venice

and its hundreds of years of craftsmanship

I do not wish to tell you here the history of the land that has brought me into this world…

I only wish to remind you that its tradition is long and that it continues to renew itself:

so here I am!

Foto10-B Venezia

The harmony

of its style

and the beauty of its presence…

Tallero Amethyst eBook

Light diffusors:


We have chosen an elegant fabric lampshade that you can select from various colours:

Beige, Ivory, Grey, Amethyst, Black


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