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Bezzo Petrolio


“Venice, the eldest daughter of freedom.”

William Wordsworth, On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic, 1802

Table lamp art 4 foto 1 Bronzo


“If I had to look for a word substituting “music” 
I could only think of Venice.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, 1888

marcello foto 24


“Venice, half fish, half woman 
is a siren dissolving into a morass of the Adriatic.”

Jean Cocteau, My first trip, 1937

Giustina Solid Petrolio fondo  Ruggine


“Venice is like eating an entire 
box of chocolate liqueurs in one go”

Truman Capote, su Observer, 1961

Tallero Bronze Location


“The black gondola, slender, and the way it moves, smooth, 
without any noise, has something strange, 
a dreamy beauty, and is an integral part of the city 
of idleness, love and music.”

Hermann Hesse