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pianofrte 3

A new music played by four expert hands!

And our concerts from today will be performed also in England!

Two skilled musicians can play alone and execute extraordinary concerts.

Two skilled musicians that play the same piano can obtain even better results!

This is the synergy that we wish to accomplish!

The concert that we want to play together does not have any cultural, territorial, structural or business boundary:
it will be a unique show!

Wether you are a private customer or an office, think about what an improvement  it will be for you!

To keep to the musical metaphor we have already placed some notes in the score:


Nota 1 silver

Technology musical note. Connecting objects to people, light that turn on with a stroke, modular lights that are decorating not only illuminating, lights that never leave you in the dark, lamps that seem suspended…only some of our creations.

Nota 2 argento


Pause Design. From listening some new ideas come into the world. From the Traditional line to the Contemporary line to Table Lamps and everything else that has yet to come.



Smart musical note. Simplify what appears to be complicated: this is our mission. From prices to delivery times, from tech specs to installation notes, especially for you in England!

Education musical note. We will suggest you how to paint light in your walls and how to do it in an very modern manner.


Nota 2 grigiaProject musical noteFrom a blank sheet of paper we can together fulfil our desires, without any boundary.

Services musical note. Drafts, samples and products are available anytime you need.

Expert advice musical note. Every success is precious: let ’s work together, we will be more efficient!

Post-sales musical note. We will continue to follow our projects: we love positive feedbacks!



Environment musical note: we love our land and respect is our mission.

You know that glass is an hygienic material that doesn’t contain any toxic substances, don’t you?

You know that the elements that form me (sodium, calcium and silicon) are completely non toxic and normally contained in mineral waters, don’t you?

Do you know that amongst the various properties of glass there is its full recyclability?

Do you know that glass is an inert material, meaning that it doesn’t contaminate the environment?

Do you know that it can be melted countless times and it will preserve its properties and that the reuse of glass is a process that is ecological in all its aspects?


These are some of the notes from one musician…we can mention some of the harmonious notes that the other musician will add to the score…

Territory musical note. Presence on the territory and local knowledge are the core of any activity.

Nota dorata

Customer musical note. Guiding with the hand the client through an  emotional journey will make you become a point of reference.

Methodology musical note. Every activity can be performed in different ways: the use of structured modalities will enable us to take care of all the details.


The creation of a concert needs not only musical notes, but also a lot of practice…let’s not waste any time…let’s get started!





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